8 Ways to Style the Little Black Dress.

I have not written a fashion article for so long. I feel rusty and old, haha. Nevertheless, the style queen is back! For a very long time and for a long time, I mean my whole life, I have never owned a little black dress (LBD). I know, it’s almost unbelievable considering how much I love to explore fashion staples. The reason behind this was my insecurity with my legs; well, my thighs to be precise. Don’t get me wrong, I have a couple of short dresses; however, my definition of little is two inches above the knee, anything above that stays in the house. My feeling was that a cute, figure-hugging, black dress might be a little scandalous, and would draw too much attention. I absolutely love to see other women rock them, I just never thought I could. Twisted thought, I know!!

About two years ago, one of my very loyal clients gifted me with a beautiful LBD, and let me tell you, I was on the clouds. The excitement of a little girl receiving her dream dress. I was so excited I couldn’t wait for her to leave so I could try it on. But then, I looked at I in the mirror, and the length horrified me. Some of you are probably wondering at what point will I get to the style tips. Sit tight, I’ll get to that in a bit.

Many women go through a mental struggle regarding what to wear because of the fear of an array of things; judgment is one, stigmatization, self-doubt, and don’t get me started on the sexual harassment. So the statement “fashionably late” doesn’t always mean we are unable to decide on which cute dress to wear. Sometimes we are weighing the possible reactions and outcomes of wearing particular outfits. I digress.

Back to my story, so two years later, I finally mustered the strength to wear my LBD. I realized that how you style something is a massive contributor to how you will look, feel, and be perceived. Point to note, I am not saying that every time you get dressed, you have to think about how others will judge you. The first rule of personal style is comfort in self; being comfortable with the outfit, how you look and feel in it, then the rest can adjust. Okay? Great! Let’s continue.

I decided to do a mini photoshoot with my 4-year-old nephew as my assistant photographer, and these were some of the looks we came up with on how to style your Little Black Dress.

Look 1

Add a wide belt to cinch your waist and complement your curves. In this case, I used an obi belt from bree_liaka’s collection. Pair that with pointy heels and hello Monday morning board meeting, stunner!

Look 2.

If you are a little conservative about showing too much skin, add a knee-length kaftan and a belt over the whole look. The belt serves the purpose of breaking the (for lack of a better word) straightness of the kaftan and allows your gorgeous figure to shine, shine, sister shine! (okay, got a bit carried away there) moving on.

Look 3.

Weekend vibes. Add a thin colorful belt and a denim jacket over the LBD, then pair with a pair of sneakers or converse. In my town, we call the rubbers, haha! Brightly colored shoes like the white bata ngomas I rocked will transform the whole look.

Look 4.

Now, this is revolutionary.

Pair your LBD with peg pants or chinos. Here’s why I emphasized on those two types of pants. They both have some volume around the hips area because of the design detail of pleats. This gives you room to tuck and neatly fold the dress underneath without leaving any ugly bumps: tricks, my friend, tricks. If your pants have belt loops, add a statement belt. This will break the monotony if you have an all-black look like mine. If you’re pairing with colored pants, the belt is optional. For shoes, you can do stilettos or some laced pumps.

Look 5

Let’s talk about the business of elegance.

For an elegant LBD look, add a long blazer (emphasis on long) then belt over it. By now, you can see I am big on belts, why you may ask? Because a belt breaks your body into sections allowing the on-looker to take in your figure fully *wink* In this look, accessories are everything. I went with pearls and crystal. Pearls and gold do well for an elegant look, points to note. I did pearl earrings, a matching neckpiece, and a crystal bracelet. Less is more when it comes to elegance.

Look 6.

Now, this look could send two messages:

  1. You stole your husband’s shirt and wore it to casual Friday at work.
  2. You stole your dad’s shirt (like I did) and wore it to the girls’ brunch.

Either way, this shirt is borrowed without permission. Why? You need a shirt that is at least 2 sizes larger. You could shop for such, but stealing is far more fun; I mean, the look on the owners’ faces when they see you is priceless.

Look 7.

Hello, Friday-night dinner.

This is the real minimalist look. All-black with simple accessories (I went with brass) that you can hardly see and black strappy heels are such a subtle stunner. A tip here, ladies, draping your coat over your shoulders can flip your outfit from an 8 to a steady 10. Try it!

Look 8

For my last look, I went for a simple chic outfit: Blush pink no-sleeve coat, white beaded neckpiece, and small gold hoops. Adding color to an LBD creates a whole different vibe to it.

And there you have it, 8 diverse ways you can style your Little Black Dress. And to my ladies who just like me feel a little shy about their thighs, start with longer kaftans, and as you get more comfortable, slowly transition to thighland confidence. *wink*

That’s it from me, see you next when for more fashion escapades and funny stories.

Blessings and Light,

Khui. K

5 thoughts on “8 Ways to Style the Little Black Dress.

  1. I love this …. that trouser look (insert a happy black woman’s voice) hunny that’s a hack right there!!!😃


  2. 😂😂😂😂why buy an oversized Tshirt,its more fun to steal it 😂😂😂😂now I know what I have to do😂😂😂😂,I looove this

    Liked by 1 person

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