Have You Tapped Into Your Inner Goddess?

Hey guys, welcome back!

I am seated on my bedroom floor, thinking of how we are all goddesses. How we all have a bit of God in us and how we can bring that out. I think of myself as feminine. For the longest time, that was seen as a bad thing. Reminds me of how girls shunned from the color pink because it is apparently too “girlish.” I think we spend most of our life running away from being ourselves just to make society happy. I say f***k society. It glorifies masculinity so much and makes us think femininity is weakness. I believe girls run the world, you could ask Solomon. (mic drop!!)
All the same, pink has never been my favorite color, Yellow is.

Yellow is also positively associated with femininity.
I also love arctic blue. A mix of warm and cool colors, huh! I think arctic blue speaks calmness and femininity all at once. Undoubtedly, fashion is a way of self-expression, and it starts with the basics, color choice. I want to be adorned in a long silk dress with a high slit and my natural hair held in a bun with a flower crown in my other life or my previous or if we ever exist somewhere else in the cosmos. Just think about it I look exactly like I want to, precisely like a Goddess.

Close your eyes and just visualize for sec, do you see it? I sure do!!

See you on the next blog as we explore my love for fusing fashion and the arts and how easy you can too.

Ciao! @mimonjoga

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