My First Blog.

Hello fellow fashion enthusiasts?

My name is Kwelo Halisi and I am glad that you are joining me as we repair our closets a hanger at a time. So why men’s style? Before I indulge you any further, great appreciation to madam Adira for this rare valuable platform. I first fell in love with this niche in 2018 when I attended this classy fashion gala in Nairobi looking all average and common. I had the worst mentality when it came to dressing up. I always thought, why dress exquisitely for some few hours of the day, only to change back into your hobo outfits in the comfort of your home? But on this particular day, I felt immensely challenged and borderline embarrassed being around men who looked like they came out of a Christian Grey closet! Yeah, they donned all this bespoke suits , cummerbunds, tuxedos and shoes you only see in movies. I left before the event started. Swore to myself to change my mindset and more importantly my image.
I am actually very excited to share my thoughts and ideas on killer men’s outfits to improve your image and raise your self-esteem. In my subsequent blogs you can expect all tips, hacks and dapper looks for you to try out, whether official or casual. And this will always be interactive, you can drop your own fashion stories, comments or questions and I will always get back to you ASAP.

Thank you for todays visit, see you on the next blog.
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