Get To Know Me.

A long time ago, in the village of Gikambura (lol), a beautiful girl, was born.
Jokes aside, hey guuuuys, my name is Claris. I am a fashion designer, and fashion is passion ( I really tried to avoid that cliche term, but it really is). I am currently a fashion and design student at the university. Now that we are talking about fashion, here’s a sneak peek into my other passions. They are art, music, dance, yoga, and writing. I am about to serve you all the tea when it comes to fashion. I am so excited about this, and I hope y’all are too. As you can already see, I’m here to entertain you as we dive into fashion and styling and how to incorporate other forms of art into fashion. Are you a lover of fashion and all other forms of art? Make sure to tag along cause you really don’t want to miss this. Till next time, Chao.

Check out my Instagram @mimonjoga

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