My Truths. 

Hello my beautiful people. 

Before you jump and bite, I apologize for not posting last week. It’s not often where you’ll see the less attractive side of creatives, in this age we are all about the fun times and cool hashtags, our socials popping painting our lives as daily parties. 

Well, for me when I started this blog I was aiming at building a community, a family. A place I could be myself speak my truth with my readers.

So I’ve been having abit of a struggle last couple of weeks. Thank you to all of you who sent me suggestions on what to research and talk about here in future posts. Soo many ideas yet I still have a writer’s block. 

I’ve not been feeling very inspired lately and I’d never want to just do a post for  the sake of it. I want you to feel my excitement and love through my words in every post. 

I truly hope you guys don’t leave. I will be back hopefully next Thursday I’ll have something good for y’all, but for now, keep me in your prayers. Share inspirational words, memes, jokes, verse even prayers on my socials. We can share our experiences, let’s go through this together 😊😘. 

@khui_karanja (IG) 

@AdiraCreations (Facebook) 

Blessings and light 💋 


15 thoughts on “My Truths. 

  1. it’s OK Khui that’s very understandable…it’s actually all we need; real stuff…don’t post for the sake of it…it’s in faith that I declare a blessed and fruitful week full of inspiration #baraka

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