Another Random One. 

Hellooooooo my country people,

How have y’all been ☺️, how has the 1st quarter of 2018 been? And by the way I  shall be expecting answers on the comments section😊

So today’s post is really simple, I wanted us, yes you… (my faithful, loyal, super bomb reader and me) to do a small evaluation of the 1st quarter of the year for the blog, what you would like me to talk about, products you’d like featured, topics you’d like me to do a little more research on for you etc.

So for me,  I think the blog has really grown in the last couple of months, from the general outlook, the topics and even my writing. I mean do you remember back when I had just 2 photos on a whole post SMH (started from the bottom yoh). 

Every topic I talk about is always well thought out with you the reader as the primary focus. And thanks to your  comments, criticism and motivation I’m always looking to give you an authentic experience every week.

So there’s two areas I have received requests to do, 1 is doing video tutorials for turban wrapping techniques and how I style my natural hair and 2. More coverage on men’s fashion and style. 

I am looking into these and will hopefully be doing male blog posts as soon as end of this month. Guys, I need your support though, 😊 on the comments let me know on some of the fashion struggles you experience and what you’d like more information on, that way I have something to work with. Sawa sawa😉.

Something else I’ll need some input on is which platform would work best for you ladies, when it comes to tutorials between YouTube and Facebook. Also let me know on the comments section.

So basically that’s it, I just wanna say thank you to every single one of you who read my blog regularly, challenge me, encourage me and most of all those that push me to be consistent and do my best. Y’all have a special place in heaven 😘

Photo credits kama kawaida- Derek K ➕ my snapchat skills 😎

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Blessings and light 💋 

11 thoughts on “Another Random One. 

  1. hapo Kwa turban Sana Na kumaintain natural hair…however, I like what you’ve been doing and still doing..kudos……looking foward to see more..

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