New Face Adira. 

I’m Baaaaaaaaack!!

After a month of silence, I am 🔙. I took a little break to organize the new face of Adira and as you can see even the blog is looking a little different. Do you like?☺️

Drop a comment and tell me what you think.

Comments are welcome 

If you’ve been following our socials you’ve probably seen that we shall be releasing a bowtie collection  🔜 and I’m super excited (heeh! Y’all don’t even know) ☺️

Preparing the collection has been quite the experience, I had injuries while making it but because I am Super Woman 😉, the grind gotta go on strong 💪. #FashionPrenuer


Today’s post is basically to say thank you to all of you who have been following the blog and have been asking me to resume posting, thank you for the support 😊. Lots of love 😍 to y’all.

And of course to welcome all my new readers, karibuni sana expect some very interesting posts and ofcourse my wierdness😎.

Oohw and a lil tip of what’s coming (tarumbetaaaaa🎺🎺🎺)

There’ll be lots of giveaways and discounts on some of the cool products I shall be featuring here and on our socials, so make sure you don’t miss any post. Also follow us on our socials, tap on the short cuts at the bottom of the homepage.

See you next Thursday, ✌️

Blessings and Light 💋

(📷 credits: HL photography)

24 thoughts on “New Face Adira. 

  1. boooo yaaas you’re making it😍😍i have to say tho the wieredness they gonn see alot of it😂n😂i cannot wait for the bowtie collection juu ntaanza kuzivaa


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