2018 Fashion Hacks pt1. 

My country people! We’re only in mid January and I feel like I’ve worn my entire wardrobe 😂 yes my problems always involve my clothes in some way 😊.
(tuko January season 1 i tell you 😭 😂)
Once upon a time, I was helpless impulse buyer especially clothes (team mtush amen? 🙌) So in 2017, I made a resolution to quit buutttt….. Hehe I’d bought enough clothes to fill my closet, your clothes, your mama’s closet and your neighbor too 😁. Irony, I still had fashion disasters, always had a problem deciding what to wear SMH!! Still complained I had nothing to wear (jameni 😂) Good news is, I had to instill some discipline to my styling (still working on it 😊). For my ladies going through the same (and i know y’all are in thousands out here 😁) I got a few hacks to help you stop the spending and save this year. 
Today’s titke is 2018 Fashion Hacks Pt1, I’ll be doing a series on this, today the focus piece is a pencil skirt. (y’all have one each right? Good,) Leggo!! 🙌
The Skirt.

Smart Casual look.

Chilled weekend look.
The Dress.

Feisty weekend look.

Sauce 🔥

Sass 😍

Class 👌

Do not limit the possibilities of your pencil skirt. You can rock it both as a skirt and a dress. 😍

Hope these hacks come in handy as we work on spending less on clothes and saving more. (Millionaire Minds 🙌🔥)

See you next week beautiful people, follow me on my socials for more style tips and weirdness 🙈. 

@KhuiKaranja Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Blessings and light 💋

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