Now You Know. 

Hello beautiful people 😎, So I started internship and i have to say its pretty lit y’all 🔥.

Thank you to all those who found last week’s post informative and have already started applying the tips. It’s because of such feedback that I get motivated  to keep this going.
Anywhuu.. Today’s post isn’t much on fashion or style, its more on the random side (my tag line says Fashion Style and All things Random).

I have been getting questions of why i started this, what inspires me etc etc, so today I’ll just let y’all know a bit about me and about the brand Adira.

So Adira Creations is a fashion brand that does design and styling, and is most interested in creating an effective personal image for every client. Elegance, uniqueness and simplicity are our guideling principles.

We offer styling tips/advice (that i post here weekly) , personal shopping services and wardrobe make overs too. So yeah, thats basically what Adira Creations is all about.

My inspiration is basically to create outfits that represent one’s own style and personality. If you’ve interacted with me you’d know there are some things that just show naturally.

1. Energy – I’m the super hype person most people mistake me for being high 😂 lol, no drug can get me to the high I’m on, on a daily. I’m always dancing to some beat somewhere and have something to smile about.

2. My shoes.

I looooove 😘😍💞 my heels. If you wanna get in trouble , dare ruin my shoes. 💪 we are in a serious relationship. (haha)

3. My style.

I can say I’m bi-polar when it comes to this. I can be girly today and a tom-boy (not sure that’s the correct spelling) tomorrow. My style always has a touch of casual or boyish in it. I’ll wear a really fancy top and some seriously baggy sweats (Craaazzyy, i know) or a full out official look with tons of wrist accessories, sometimes i don’t know why I do it.. Haha naah I  do. I’m from the school of thought where comfort and confidence are number 1. I’m surprised I can actually comfortably do 5 to 6 inch stilettos (I’m that mami I tell  you 💪)

I could go on and on but where’s the fun in that 😎? For more tips and my wierdness 😉follow my blog and daily posts 😂 (wait ati! Yesss yess follow,  read,  like and share)

The outfit on the featured photos is a self esteem booster for me  especially the hat. You’re welcome to steal some tips 😊.

Follow me on my socials. Facebook @KhuiKaranja  and Instagram @khui_karanja.

Blessings and light 💋

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