5 Must Haves For Your Internship. 

Hello beautiful people,Happy New Year!!
Glad to see we all made it to this side safe😎.

So I’ll be starting my internship this month and I thought I should share some fashion tips with you guys especially those in my line of work.

The creative industry is not that formal in terms of dresscode but that does not, say it with me.. Does Not… Allow you to wear mom jeans and a tshirt to work.

Here are 5 things that will come in handy:

1. A blazer.

Have 2 if possible, one of a neutral color and the other of a more brighter shade. I went with black and a pinkish peach.

2. A watch.

You wanna look savvy, knowledgeable and time conscious. A watch can transform your look from “okay” to “oh yeah!”

Don’t just look time conscious, be it.

3. A good bag.

To save on cash and losing things (for those of you who have your homes in your bag) have one quality neutral bag that goes with almost all outfits. Mine is a vintage bag i borrowed from my mom and she says its older than me, talk of quality and maintenance.

4. Flat shoes.

If your gonna spend a whole day in a creative studio, kardashian heels will kill your feet and destroy your back, therefore i suggest you invest in a pair of flat shoes to alternate preferably Bata Ngoma. They come in a range of colours therefore you have a couple to choose from.

5. Body splash and cologne.

Being an intern means you’ll probably be running around all day so sweating is inevitable but that is not an excuse to smell. Invest in these very affordable essentials- Body splash and cologne good quality, to be specific (scents colognes are).

Today’s post is longer than most but hope it comes in handy as you begin your year. 

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Blessings and Light 💋

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